Bizarre Art Deco China

Clarice Cliff Pottery

When you think about art deco china, chances are that the name Clarice Cliff will be one of the first to spring to mind. 

Cliff brought something brand new to the dinner table that had become way too dour. Her groundbreaking British-made pottery designs from the 1930s were astonishingly colourful.

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One reason why Clarice Cliff pottery has been so attractive to collectors is that there is enough of it around to make it available to a large collecting base but not so much as to render it ubiquitous.

And as some ranges and patterns were produced in much smaller quantities than others, that lends the ceramics a definite price structure. 

Buyers are predominantly British or from the Commonwealth countries where Clarice Cliff was exported in the inter-War years (Bizarre and Fantasqueware was sold throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, but not in mainland Europe). 

There are still collectors with strong collecting pockets in Australia and Canada.

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